Resilience Now is an international NGO which mission is to support vulnerable communities improve their resilience in a context of natural resource depletion and climate change.

Our approaches and methods includes the ultra-participation of the beneficiaries, value of local initiatives, psychology of change, resilience diagnosis, permaculture, peer-to-peer learning …

Our team is multicultural and multidisciplinary, all of our experts owning both social and environmental skills. We act thanks to the support of our partners and donors.

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Resilience Now intervene with vulnerable communities living in fragile environments and also with the professionals of the environment and development.

With the communities, we lead some “Solutions Worth Sharing” workshops to help them adopt some practices and technics locally developed, which both improve their living conditions while preserving their environment.

 With the professionals, we realize some situation diagnsosis and some project evaluations, we develop some formations for the integration of resilience in the activities and we organize workshops to ease the synergy.

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Besides the development of local capacities and the effective settlement of solutions which improve the resilience, Resilience Now have produced several tools which are shared here.

We established a mapping of sustainable solutions by country, in order to value the local initiatives and to put them at communities and local actors’ level.

We accompanied some cooperatives in the redaction of their community action plan to help them concretely in the way of change.

You’ll also find on this website some resilience and permaculture methods, some crash courses in change psychology or permaculture, and some publications.