Resilience Now is an international NGO which mission is to support vulnerable communities improve their resilience in a context of natural resource depletion and climate change.

Our approaches and methods includes the ultra-participation of the beneficiaries, value of local initiatives, psychology of change, resilience diagnosis, permaculture, peer-to-peer learning …

Our team is multicultural and multidisciplinary, all of our experts owning both social and environmental skills. We act thanks to the support of our partners and donors.

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Resilience Now promotes the practices which improve the living conditions while preserving the environmental resources. Our Solutions worth Sharing workshops enable to share local practices and technics, which both reduce poverty and pressure on the natural resources.


RN brings an expertise to the actors with a Resilience sensitization workshop or with a Permaculture Design Certificate Course.


Our past actions from Burundi to the USA, from France to Haïti.


We implemented some sustainable solutions maps so that we can value the local initiatives and put them to the reach of the communities. We accompanied some cooperatives in the redaction of their communautary action plan to concretly help them in the path to change. We regularly intervene to ease the work between the different environmental actors. On the methods side, we developed an index of the households economic resiliency and an approach of permaculture design.