Our mission

Resilience Now is an International NGO which mission is to support vulnerable communities improve their resilience in a context of natural resources depletion and climate change. Resilience Now provides them with the tools to design and implement sustainable and resilient livelihoods tailored to their aspirations and environmental context. Resilience Now collects and promotes practices and technologies implemented locally, which both alleviate poverty and reduce pressure on natural resources.

The 21st century gathers an unprecedented combination of threats to social and environmental resilience: environmental degradation, depletion of natural resources, biodiversity loss, climate change, population growth, food insecurity, depletion of fossil fuels, economic crisis, political turmoil, natural disasters, conflicts… All threaten the survival of populations and environments around the world.

Resilience Now aims to work through community support, expertise to actors, knowledge collection and sharing, actors identification and networking.


Resilience Now aims to support vulnerable communities in developing their capacity to de sign and implement sustainable and resilient livelihoods systems tailored to their particular development aspirations and environmental contexts. We also aim to provide expertise and organizational support to environmental, relief and development agencies to build their capacity to design and implement programs for the development of sustainable and resilient communities, at all stages of the program cycle. We also aim to gather, develop, implement and disseminate innovative solutions, both methodological and technical, from a variety of fields, including: sustainable design, energy transition, climate change adaptation, urban farming, bioclimatic building, eco-sanitation, renewable energies, sustainable agriculture, land restoration, etc.


Operating from various locations, Resilience Now aims to work worldwide, in rural and urban contexts, in developing and industrialized countries. It is particularly present in French speaking countries. Priority is given to biodiversity hotspots – the richest and most threatened reservoirs of plant and animal life on Earth – for their utmost importance for species and ecosystems conservation and its direct implication in the resilience of local communities. 

Resilience Now is a non-governmental non-profit organization that was registered in Paris in 2012. Prior to the formal establishment of the organization, Resilience Now members participated in multiple projects in the areas of resilience and permaculture.

The organization is now supported by a board of 3 people and an operational team of about ten people (have a look at our team for more information).