Resilience Now conducted a “Project-building and fundraising” training to strengthen the capacities of the village associations of the Moheli National Park, as well as the Park staff. This training was conducted with the NGO Noé, within the framework of a project led by this NGO in the Comoros to support the development of the Mohéli National Park financed by the French Development Agency.

The training covered the following topics:
I – The needs assessment, with methods for identifying the problem to be solved, the identification of possible projects and the selection of the project
II – The project design, with the definition of the different objective levels and indicators, the selection criteria for the beneficiaries, the definition of their participation, the conditions of sustainability of the project
III – The project implementation, with the development of the implementation plan, the construction of the budget and the search for funding

The training, very dynamic and using several learning techniques, required a strong participation of the participants. Their evaluation of the training highlighted the benefits they have gained:
“I am very satisfied with the quality of the training provided by my 2 trainers, I did not think it would be possible to do everything in 5 days. But all the steps have been clearly explained and understood. They managed to involve all participants through their methodology. I congratulate and encourage them.
“I am satisfied, for the first time we met dynamic, available, consistent, methodical, objective and accurate trainers.