Introduction to Resilience
What is resilience? To what risk? How can we help communities to improve their resilience? What methodology can we use? (In English, 3 pages)

The Transition, introduction and overview of the method
The Transition Town network succeeded in creating an origina method which mobilizes the citizens and pushes them into action. A great source of inspiration. (In French, 6 pages).

Objective Resilience, Florence Gibert, In: L’An 02, July 2012. (In French)

Create sustainable and resilient places, Florence Gibert, In: L’An 02, Jan. 2013.


Introduction to Permaculture for aid workers.
An outlook on how humanitarian aid agencies can benefit from the methods and techniques gathered by permaculture and on how permaculture helps building resilience. (In English, 4 pages, )


Why humanitarian actors are concerned by the biodiversity crisis
Florence Gibert and Pierre Carret, In: Humanitarian on the move, Sept. 2010. (In English, 5 pages)